Euro-Yurts LLC is a Mongolan/Dutch Joint-venture, founded in 2008.

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Euro-Yurts LLC is specialised in the manufacturing of Mongolian-style Ger, (or, as they are better known internationally, Yurts), for the more demanding customer, in Mongolia as well as world-wide.
We believe buying a Ger is an investment that our customers will make only once in their lifetime, and therfore, only the best is good enough.
Euro-Yurts combines the precision and reliability of European industry-standards with the best of Mongolian craftmanship and raw materials.
Only selected Larch-wood (15 years rot-proof!), processed on the best machinery, resulting in perfect joinery, the best choices of felts, inner and outer covers, and immaculate detailing in ironwork, windows, and general execution.
Euro-Yurts' are better made than anything ever seen before in Mongolia;
95% natural materials, except in some important places where plastics are really better, like ropes and yarn, glues and windows
And all handwork, except where machines are more precise.

Sometimes we have a Ger up for guests, but not always!!

More than any other Mongolian Ger-maker, Euro-Yurts LLC has 16 years experience with making, renting, and therefore continually standing Gers, in the moist, Western-European climate.
In addition to this, Euro-Yurts pitch faster and easier than any other 'branded Gers', due to the precision of the woodword, and completeness of the package.

EuroYurts does not strive to be the biggest ger-maker in Mongolia, we will make THE BEST GER for your money.

home - sales/local - sales/international - technical considerations - pics - contact
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