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Robert and Ratna

Euro-Yurts makes standard 2-3-4-5-and 6-wall yurts, which we keep in stock, but we like special orders.
We use the standard Mongolian way of depicting sizes for the standard gers, by naming the number of wal-lattices: 4-wall equals 5,1 mtr, 5-wall 6,2, and 6-wall 7.3 mtrs diameter at floor-level.
The wall-heigt of these standard-gers is between 150, 155 and 160.

Apart from these standard-gers, we have a lot of experience with bigger and higher gers: from 8, 9, 10, and as of 2011 even 13 and 14 mtr diameter.
These bigger gers have higher walls (180-185), and usually more than one door, up to 4 in 10-mtr and bigger.

From 10 mtr upward the roof-construction is split in an inner and outer set of rafters; trees long enough to do this job in one go are too scarce in Mongolia.

13-mtr inside13-mtr outside

two biggies

Our yurts a quite a bit heavier than the 'standard-export', due to oversized wood (rafters, wall-slats), and the best and thickest felts Mongolia has to offer.

We are a small company, but we have always some yurts on stock in Mongolia, ready to go. For bigger orders, and special models/sizes, we need time (about 6 months) and we ask for a down-payments; 40 or acceptance of order, 40 before shipping, 20 upon arrival/acceptance of gers.

Currently we ship to two importers in Europe, Nooitmeerhaast in Holland, for customers north of the line Lyon/Munich, and YurtWorkshop in Spain, for the southern part, both keep stock of the standard-sizes, and will deliver and pitch.

A prospect North-American importer with experience in the ger-trade is duly invited to contact us.

loading in UBinto container

We ship our gers packed individually in fork-lifteable crates, or carefully stacked into 20- and 40-ft sea-containers.
Although our Mongolian crews are experts at packing and stacking (nomads learn that kind of stuff young), for export we prefer crating; we think it is more fit to the way the gers will be stored, shipped, moved in EU, USA.
Plus, once crated, the chance of error when unpacking and re-grouping the gers is totally nil.

A shipping container from Mongolia to any port in Europe or USA costs about 6000 dollars nowadays, give or take a few hunderd.
To give you a rough idea: 6 standard-6-mtr gers, plus one 5-mtr, crated, nicely fill a 20-ft container.
(In the same container, if stacked expertly, we can ship 10 5-walls, and 4 4-walls.
Quite a big difference,but you then you have to be able to make sense of roughly 900 rafters, 70 pieces of felt, plus 66 walls,which is not for the faint-of-heart.)
Single gers are shipped 'international groupage', or air-mail, which to my knowledge raises the shipping-cost by a 100-200%.


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