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We sell our gers to any customer who knows to appreciate quality, but due to the higher price it has taken a while before we entered the Mongolian market. Our big gers are way too expensive for the average Mongolian customer. But lately a completely new market has opened up, we developed what we call 'camping-gers' for the Mongolian city-dweller, small gers that easily pack into Toyota Landcruisers.
These gers are made of the same high-standard-materials as the big ones, but all woodwork is sized down to be easily packed and stored.
Due to the smaller dimensions the selection of wood is even more strict than in the bigger gers. The door and tonoo come apart in pieces, there are only two walls to deal with, and 32 rafters, and most parts are packed in bags
In addition, we incorporate a few tricks that make pitching much faster, doing away with most of the knots in a traditional ger
Two adults can pitch such a ger in about 20 minutes.
Pictures coming up.
Please mail or call for prices.

We are proud to be able to help local organisations by supplying one ger each year to a needy NGO, free of charge.
These gers are usually accessible for viewing, as show-gers.
2007- is to be found with Lotus Children Centre, Yarmag,
2008- is with Asian Foundation homeless-project in Gazarchin,
2009- is with the Gandan Monastery.
This ger is only pitched and used on special occasions.
2010- in coöperation with the local Rotary-club we made one for the disabled-school in Emelt, just outside of Ub, without a threshold (well, a very low one)


gandanasian foundationlotus childrenemelt disabled school

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